August 1 - 31, 2015


New paintings by Christopher Volpe

During the month of August, Kennedy Gallery will be exhibiting a series of small, square format oil paintings by local artist Christopher Volpe. Among Volpe's subjects are Rye Beach, the Sarah Long Bridge, twilit marshes, and downtown streets. "I've been trying to respond to my experience of some favorite locations around the seacoast," Volpe said. "I'm trying to paint my sensations. I think painting should be about how you feel about things as much as it is about what they look like." Volpe hopes the paintings in 'Seacoast Squared' offer " a poetic lens that captures felt responses and connections to our shared landscape - beaches, bridges, streets and marshlands."

The exhibit at Kennedy Gallery consists primarily of 30 oil paintings, all measuring either 6' x 6' or 8' x 8', most of which were painted en plein air, on location, from Hampton Beach and Portsmouth to Ogunquit and Wells, Maine.

Volpe combined painting for the show with a month-and-a-half long outdoor painting class, as well as a weekly "pre-show special" painting, each available through Kennedy Gallery for one week only. He will teach another series of plein air classes in the Seacoast in both September and October, as well as a combined 5-day workshop with painter Todd Bonita in September.

Please join Chris and Kennedy Gallery for an Opening Reception on Friday, August 7th, in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

July 3 - 31, 2015


New Landscapes by Patricia S. Gordon

For the month of July, Kennedy Gallery and Custom Framing will feature the most recent landscapes of New Hampshire painter Patricia S. Gordon. The show, entitled “Mystery and Magic,” highlights a range of Gordon’s soft ethereal works – none of them with any signs of people or buildings. Gordon’s landscapes evoke the mystery inherent in our natural environment as well as the magic in a shift of light, or an amazing cloud formation, or the quiet simplicity of a magnificent tree growing along a rural field (“Summer Tree”).

“I am intrigued by the mood and feelings I sense in the natural world,” states Gordon. “I see an element of mystery and intrigue in what can be a very simple scene – such as the way the light intensifies and glows as the evening sun lowers in the sky, or the beauty and wonder in a fleeting cloud formation as it hovers above the water or an isolated country field.”

“As I continue to marvel at the world around me, I am finding myself increasingly drawn to water, so more seascapes, lakes, ponds and marsh scenes will start to crop up in my work. The fluidity and movement in water is as ephemeral as the clouds floating by in the sky. I seek to capture these fleeting moments in time and convey the emotions they instill in me. I want my viewer to feel their own story in the work and sense what is meaningful to them.”

There is a mystery and magic in the world around us that is seen and interpreted in the landscapes of Patricia S. Gordon.

Please join us for an opening reception to meet Patricia and discuss her work on Friday, July 3rd from 5-8 pm in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

April 1 - 30, 2015


A mixed media look at the buildings and streets of Portsmouth

During the month of April, Kennedy Gallery will present the work of local photographer Suzie Goodwin. Fascinated with urban culture, architecture and discarded artifacts, Goodwin prints her images on an aluminum substrate and adds subtle layers of paint and texture to give each image an old world feeling with a contemporary look.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of her medium and experimenting with new materials and techniques, Goodwin will certainly have some creative surprises for viewers of this show. Goodwin states, "To me it's never about the camera but about seeing. Often I see an image in my head long before I see it in the lens...sometimes it's traditional...sometimes I wake up, take one look and say "What was I thinking?' But it moves me and I love the process.

After all, isn't life more about the journey than the destination?" She continues, saying "Change is constant in life and mine is no exception. Several years ago I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease. It brings with it new challenges. So now my work will not only satisfy the desire I feel to create but it also serve as a tool to help me battle my struggles. I am happiest behind the lens...so as an artist, I will continue for as long as I can lift a camera to my eye."

In honor of April being National Parkinson's Awareness Month and to aid all person's struggling with Parkinson's disease, a portion of the proceeds from sales in this show will be donated to Parkinson's research.

Please join us for an opening reception to meet Suzie and discuss her work on Friday, April 3 from 5-8 pm in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

January 2 - February 28, 2015

John Layton

Views from the Water's Edge


This exhibit will feature a number of the artist’s recent photographs from Star Island, which is located approximately seven miles off the Portsmouth/Rye coast, as well as several works from Pemaquid Point and Monhegan Island, each located in mid-coastal Maine. A gallery talk by Mr. Layton is scheduled for 10:30am on Saturday, January 3rd.

Currently, John Layton works almost exclusively with large format (4x5 and 5x7 inch) film cameras, which he designs and builds himself. John’s latest design, which will be on view at the both gallery opening and gallery talk, has garnered him a patent as well as several industry awards.

Commenting on his approach to making these photographs, Mr. Layton states that “oceans, particularly where and how they intersect and interact with the land, have always held a deep fascination for me…a fascination further enhanced in concert with a photographic technique employing long exposures, which allows the vitality of the sea to reveal itself over time.” John prints, mounts, and mats his work, always to the latest archival standards, in his traditional home darkroom facility.

John Layton, who lives in Newbury,Vermont, is a freelance photographer/writer and photography educator, who’s work has appeared in the New York Times, Audubon magazine, Readers Digest Books, Vermont Life, and View Camera magazine, among others.

John’s photographs of the desert southwest and the Maine/New Hampshire coasts, have graced gallery walls in New York and throughout New England, and have earned him several awards. Between 1999 and 2006, John made eight trips to Ethiopia, where he documented the activities of A Glimmer of Hope, an Austin, Texas, based foundation He received an M.A. in photography and education from Goddard College in 1990.

Mr. Layton can be contacted by email at john.layton@valley.net His website, johnlaytonphotography.com, is currently under revision, but is available, for the time being, as a home page.

Please join us for the Opening Reception Friday, January 2nd, from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

November 7 - 30, 2014

Wendy Turner

Paintings of the Kittery Coast


A well known artist on the seacoast, Wendy Turner's, upcoming show includes paintings of the Kittery coast from Appledore Island to Brave Boat Harbor. Turner's close- up studies of rocks in her Rock Meditation pieces show the quiet, more reflective side of the coast in contrast to her larger, energetic rock and wave paintings.

Other works in the exhibition include close-ups of colorful lobster pots. The focus on texture and detail turns a common object into an interestingly abstract and fascinating image.

A goal Turner has for her paintings in this image overloaded world is to transport the viewer, and hold their mind and attention for a moment of calm, before moving on.

Please join us for the Opening Reception Friday, November 7th, from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

September 5 - 30, 2014

shapes and shadows at the water's edge

Watercolors of the South End Waterfront


Recent Watercolors by Bill Paarlberg

Throughout the month of September Kennedy Gallery will present recent watercolors of Portsmouth's South End Waterfront by Bill Paarlberg. Noted for his iconic monster series featuring Portsmouth landmarks, Bill continues to depict the seacoast in his work. Studying with Dewitt Hardy, Bill has perfected the often difficult medium of watercolor. Through the use of unusual vantage points each local scene is framed to reflect Bill's unique vision, giving the viewer an opportunity to see a familiar scene from a fresh, new perspective.

"There is something about the well-worn docks and sheds that speaks to me, " says Bill. " I've always had an affection for the river's edge and small buildings that show the wear of the years." Most of his paintings depict sundrenched buildings, dappled with intricate shadows. "When I see a certain arrangement of shapes in the sunlight - and it almost always involves some sort of structure or a landscape - I find it more beautiful and compelling than any other subject. And I have the feeling the universe is sending me a coded message. There is some cryptic and vitally important meaning in those shapes and how they relate to each other, and the only way I can hope to begin to understand it is if I put them down on paper."

Please join us and meet Bill during the Opening Reception Friday, September 5th, from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

Norman Desfosses -- August 2014

"Water   Land   Fog"


Dramatic Light As Darkness Surrounds

In August, local artist Norman Desfosses joins Kennedy Gallery in presenting a collection of his Black & White photographs of local scenes printed on handmade Asian papers.

A lifelong photographer, Norman's astonishing composition, lighting, and detail combined with his unique printing process creates mesmerizing pieces that invite you into a reflective mood with its delicacy and softness.

Join us at the Opening Reception Friday, August 1st from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

Patricia S. Gordon -- July 2014

Evocative Cloudscapes and Landscapes in Oil

Exhibit includes studies for paintings and prints installed at Wentworth Hotel

In July, New Hampshire-Artist Patricia S. Gordon joins Kennedy Gallery to present her most recent oil cloudscapes as well as explorations into other vistas, like the Tangled Web landscape, above.

Join us at the Opening Reception Thursday, July 3rd from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Art Round Town Gallery Walk.

Christopher Volpe -- June 2014
"Sea and Sky"

Sea & Sky Show Celebrates Moods of the Seacoast in Paint

Exhibit includes studies for paintings and prints installed at Wentworth Hotel

Portsmouth ­ Kennedy gallery will exhibit paintings of “sea and sky” by Christopher Volpe, including original studies in oil for large paintings newly installed in the lobby of Newcastle’s Wentworth Hotel.

The gallery will show Volpe’s sky and seascapes through the month of June. An opening reception with the artist is scheduled for the “first Friday” Art about Town gallery walk on Friday, June 6 from 5­8 p.m. The paintings’ sizes range widely, from 5”x7” to 24”x48.”

“The Seacoast is kind of like a spiritual second home for me,” Volpe said. “I grew up next to salt water and marshes (on Long Island, NY), so for me it’s exciting to be outside painting along the coast ­ I’ll take any chance I get to be out near the ocean.”

The Wentworth installation currently includes two large Seacoast­based oil paintings in the hotel’s lobby and several others in adjoining areas.

Volpe’s plein­air painting locations span Gloucester and Plum Island in Massachusetts, Star Island, Hampton and Rye, N.H. and Kittery, and Ogunquit, ME, but the on­site studies he makes also fuel larger imaginative work in the studio.

“We live in a great part of the world,” Volpe said. “In the moods of New Hampshire’s 18 miles of coastline alone, there’s probably enough material for a lifetime.”

Please join us for an opening reception to meet Mary on Friday, June 6th, from 5-8 pm, in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.